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  • February Drink Specials

    French Press Coffee; Lavender Latte;

    Cascara Tonic with Cascara Tea, San Pellegrino Mineral Water,

    Agave Syrup and Lemon


  • Bacon Ketchup

    Mmm, bacon. It tastes great in everything! Stonewall Kitchens Bacon Ketchup combines smoky, meaty pieces of bacon with their tangy ketchup recipe for a complex flavor that elevates everything from French fries to meatloaf.


  • Gluten Free Pasta

    With generations of Italian pasta making experience, DeLallo Gluten Free Penne Rigate and Spaghetti are the ultimate wheat-free pastas. Made with corn and rice, these pastas are superior in taste and texture, much like traditional pastas, and always cook up al dente.


  • Wicked Hot!

    Stonewall Kitchen’s fiery Ghost Pepper Aioli delivers tongue-tingling heat that’s ever so slightly tempered by its creamy mayonnaise base. Give bite to burgers and make sandwiches sizzle with this crazy hot condiment.


  • Amarena Toschi

    Amarena cherries by Toschi are from the Vignola mountains of Italy. You’ll get mostly sour but refreshing notes from these babies. They’re ideal as a garnish on gelato and chocolate desserts – or on that sweet cocktail that could use some sourness to break it up.


  • Sip Some Cider Vinegar

    Republic of Teas’ new Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Single Sips contain vinegar crystals with organic cranberry and hibiscus essences to deliciously refresh and balance your body wherever you are.