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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Time has flown, so we must be having fun! It’s been 17 years since Newcastle Produce first opened and here we are again, jumping right into mandarin season, the holidays, and the final chapter of our remodeling project. Come celebrate with us as we look enthusiastically to the future.

Yes, it is mandarin time again! The mighty mandarin thrives here in Placer County where our volcanic soil, warm days and crisp nights provide the perfect growing conditions. Juicy, sweet, seedless, easy to peel, and good for you, what’s not to like about a mandarin? Buy a ten pound bag or buy them by the pound, and remember to send a gift of mandarins from Placer County to your friends and family far and near. Shipping will start November 14, in plenty of time for Thanksgiving treats. Check our website or pick up a flyer in the store for more information.

Check our website also for information about our Gift Basket Collection for this season. Available  beginning November 14, our baskets feature mandarins and other tasty local treats. Everyone loves a gift from home!

In addition to mandarins, our own Twin Brooks Farm is prepared for the holidays. We are harvesting sweet, delicate lettuces, hearty leeks, watermelon and black radishes, and, soon, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco, and kohlrabi. Heirloom pumpkins are still abundant and make wonderful pies and soups, and butternut squash are in good supply as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

FARM FOCUS: Wild Groves

Dewey Lucero has olive oil running through his veins! Representing the fourth generation of a California olive oil producing family, Dewey knows olive oil. His family’s ancient trees in Corning are some of the oldest in the country. 

Dewey and his family have recently moved to Newcastle and started their own brand, Wild Groves. He manages and harvests some local olive groves, as well as obtaining oil from his family’s award winning trees. As the most awarded olive oil taster in the U.S.  Dewey is obsessed with quality and taste. His favorite oil is Ascolano with its rich tropical flavors. Stop by on November 22, 12-3 pm, and taste his oils for yourself.