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In Queso You Like Cheese

On green hillsides in Northern California, herds of cows and goats merrily munch their way through March. The green grass and clover are just what they need to produce rich, premium quality milk which artisan producers then turn into world class cheeses.

The Jersey cows from Springhill Organic Dairy produce rich milk that  makes great cheese. They are pastured year ‘round and their milk is made into simple farmhouse style products that are healthy for your family, the animals, and the planet.  Among our favorites are Sage Cheddar (try it on pizza or with a glass of chardonnay) and Curds, which is cheese before it’s been pressed and aged. Similar to mozzarella, Curds make a great snack, or toss into salads or soups.

Laura Chenel introduced French farmstead cheese making techniques to California over 40 years ago and still crafts award winning cheeses today. Try her creamy Goat Log, Honey Goat, and new Truffle Goat sliced, spread or crumbled into a salad.

Holey Cow is our favorite cheese from Central Coast Creamery, Paso Robles. Modelled after Emmenthaler, Holey Cow is a semi soft cow’s milk cheese with small eyes similar to Swiss.

Cypress Grove is another world class goat cheese producer. For something different try their Purple Haze, a soft, fresh cheese with fennel pollen and lavender.

Rumiano in Willows produces many types of cheeses. Their Dry Jack is a uniquely Californian hard cheese. With its rich, nutty flavor, dry jack performs well grated over soups, salads or pasta.

Among our favorites from Sierra Nevada Cheese are award winning Gina Marie, the original natural  cream cheese, and Bella Capra Smoked Goat, perfect for melting.