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Mandarins and More!

Mandarin growers across Placer County’s famed mandarin growing region are now picking box after box of our favorite fall fruit—mandarins! So easy to peel, sweet, seedless, and good for you, too—what’s not to like about a mandarin? Most folks buy them by the ten pound bag. It’s hard to eat just one!

If you would like to send mandarins to friends and family for the holidays, we are taking orders now.  Visit our website or see our order form for ordering. Shipping will begin around the 15th of November, weather permitting. Due to the perishable nature of the fruit and the

unpredictability of shipping, we will not take any orders after Dec. 8, so please plan ahead. Mandarins will be available at the store throughout the season.

Local navel oranges and Meyer lemons will be in season soon as well.


Persimmons are another of our favorite fall fruits.

Crispy fuyu persimmons are crunchy and sweet, a treat to eat out of hand or use in salads. We are adding them to scones—Per-cinnamon Scones— while they are in season.

Hachiya persimmons are the ones to use for sweet baking. Persimmon cookies, persimmon bread, and persimmon pudding all come to mind.

Hoshigaki, the labor intensive Japanese artisan dried persimmons, are also in season, and watch for alcohol cured Amagaki and other varieties coming soon.

Also local and in season are apples from Apple Hill, pears, pomegranates, and lots of fall veggies from Hillview Farms, Lincoln, and Foothill Roots Farm, Meadow Vista.



Holey Cow is a crowd favorite! Made from whole cow milk, this  semi-soft cheese is filled with small round openings characteristic of a Swiss cheese but with a smooth, creamy texture and a crisp, buttery finIsh. It’s ridiculously cheesy!

Ewenique is a 100% sheep’s milk cheese and has a brilliant velvety white color and a delicate texture.  This extremely complex cheese boasts incredible sweetness and flavors reminiscent of salted caramel and fresh vanilla beans with a slight hint of citrus to contrast the savory qualities of the sheep milk.  

Handcrafted Ewereka, another sheep’s milk cheese, is creamy with a  slightly crumbly texture. With a    flavor profile characteristic of a fine aged cheddar with sweetness and grassy notes from the sheep milk, this cheese is a standout addition to any cheese board. 


Cowgirl Creamery’s most popular cheese, Mt. Tam has all the lusciousness you expect from a triple cream, with a unique core that upholds its texture. Think of  it as Brie’s quirky California cousin. Made from organic Straus Farmily Creamery milk, pair it with California chardonnay, dry cider, or sweet snacks (preserves, honey, etc.)


Laura Chenel’s Original Goat Log is famous for its rich tasting, bright citrusy tang. Slice into rounds, coat with bread crumbs, bake until golden, and use to top a mixed greens salad. Laura Chenel’s Honey Goat Log is flavored with Orange Blossom    Honey. This soft and spreadable cheese makes a great substitute for cream cheese on your morning bagel.


Fiscalini Old World Aged Cheddar is made in the traditional English style. It is firm, yet crumbly, with a robust and buttery taste.  During the 14-month aging process the wheels are wrapped in a cheesecloth to protect the outermost layer while allowing the cheese to breathe and develop internally.  Made from raw cow’s milk, this hard cheese has a nutty, slightly smoky, and earthy finish.


We will be closed Sundays until further notice due to staff shortage.