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    Clementine Coffee Roasters borrows its name from a trail, two lakes, and a dam. Sound familiar? What a fitting name for these gifted new coffee roasters in our Auburn Community! 

    Thirty years ago a group of dedicated small farmers joined to form the Foothill Farmers’ Market and bring locally grown specialty produce to Placer County. Then we witnessed the emergence of a burgeoning foothill boutique wine industry, followed by an amazing local craft beer movement.

    Clementine moves us one more step in our craft food journey. Third wave coffee has arrived in the foothills! Clementine Coffee Roasters exists to elevate coffee culture in the Gold Country region, and brothers Dane and Jerome are committed to bringing us nothing but ethically sourced, single origin, freshly roasted specialty coffees from around the world.

    Newcastle Produce is proud to now offer Clementine Coffee in our deli. If you are in need of a bag of coffee to brew at home, we also carry several of their freshly roasted beans in the clean and classy white Clementine bags. Current selections include Tanzania Peaberry, Panama Bambito Estate, and Colombia Nariño. Selections change frequently.

    Please Join us on Friday, March 16, 9-noon, for coffee tasting with Clementine Coffee Roasters and let the coffee folks from Clementine answer your questions on coffee, brewing and roasting.




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