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(Not Root) Beer Floats

(Not Root) Beer Floats
A creamy ice cold root beer float is a tried and true summertime treat. Try this adult version for a surprisingly delicious dessert. The bitter and aromatic flavors of the beer balance the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream to perfection.
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  1. Strauss Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  2. Ruhstaller CAPT. California Black IPA
  1. Place three scoops of Strauss Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in a tall glass. Fill with Ruhstaller CAPT. California Black IPA. Sit back and enjoy!
  1. The surprisingly smooth, lightly roasted chocolate malt body of the CAPT. Black IPA makes it a perfect choice for a float. High Water Brewing Company’s Campfire Stout would be another good choice.
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