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Pardon our Dust!

Thank you for being so patient with us! In July our sandwich case and both deli cases decided to quit and we knew it was time to put our “someday” plans into action and renovate the deli.

We have ordered a new deli case and sandwich case which should arrive some time in mid to late August. In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep up with equipment that is ready to be retired.  

Soon the office walls will come down and we will expand our deli. This will make room for a new customer-facing sandwich case which will be twice as long as the old one. You’ll be able talk with your sandwich maker, watch your sandwich, salad or wrap being made, and choose exactly what goes into it. Our new cases will both feature refrigerated grab-and-go space in front to help speed up your time standing in line.

We are planning some delicious new items to cook up in our kitchen to fill up all this new space. If you have any ideas for us, please let us know. We want to make our new deli the best it can be.

So pardon our dust! We will be making a lot of changes this month!

FARM FOCUS: Long Dream Farm

In the sunny foothills north of Lincoln, Long Dream Farm breeds heritage cattle including Scottish Highlands, Dutch Belts, and Dexters. They gather eggs from pastured, free-range hens who are free to forage all day long, and they operate a dairy (opened in May 2016, the only dairy and creamery in Placer County!) where animal welfare and happiness is the highest priority.  They are certified Animal Welfare Approved for their practices.

We are quite excited to offer Long Dream Farm eggs, Fromage Blanc and Panela cheeses. Fromage Blanc is a soft, fat-free, spreadable cheese. We love it spread on a toasted Ozery Breakfast Round in the morning. Panela is a Mexican style cheese great crumbled on a taco or salad. It can also be sliced and fried. They will soon be offering butter also.

Long Dream Farm also trains milk cows and oxen for small farms and offers overnight stays and educational outreach on the farm. These farmers are busy folks!