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Cantaloupe Salsa

Cantaloupe Salsa
Quick and easy Cantaloupe Salsa pairs well with all sorts of things. Try it with grilled shrimp, fish tacos, or chicken. The sweet and sour flavors work together like magic.
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The change from summer to fall is very evident in the produce case as peaches and nectarines give way to apples and pears. First of the season from Larsen’s Apple Barn in Apple Hill are Gala and Ruby John Apples,… Continue reading


Fall figs develop on new growth from the current season. They are usually smaller, delicate and more flavorful than the early spring crop. Wonderful for eating out of hand, adding to fruit salads, and making magnificent appetizers by pairing with… Continue reading


Named for a ranch on the Pt. Reyes National Seashore, Pierce Pt is a rich, bloomy rind cheese made with organic milk from a single dairy. Dusted with a beautiful mixture of field flowers, chamomile, calendula and Thai basil, these… Continue reading


Bakerly’s hand braided brioche is a work of art. Made from a classic French recipe with eggs and butter, this bread is so soft it’s like chewing on a cloudl



A blend of Hojiblanca, Arbequina, and Manzanilla oils, Ternero’s Estate Blend is seriously good!


Bring on the Melons!

Camping by Little Grizzly Creek is a happy memory from my early childhood. We would load two pickups, my parents in one and my grandparents in the other, and head to the mountains just as soon as the peach harvest… Continue reading

Summer Salad with Grilled Peaches And Goat Cheese
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  1. Mixed baby greens
  2. Firm-ripe Peaches (Twin Peaks Orchards’ peaches are at their prime in July)
  3. Newcastle Produce Honey
  4. Sliced Almonds
  5. Extra Virgin Olive… Continue reading

Fill Your Basket from Foothill Farms

Beekeepers, orchardists, flower farmers, growers of vegetables, cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, egg handlers, and more—Placer County is home to small scale farmers of all sorts and summer is a busy time for them all.


On our own Twin Brooks… Continue reading