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Re:THINK Ice Cream

If you love ice cream, yet care about what you put into your body, then Re:THINK Ice Cream is for you. Created in Napa, Re:THINK seeks to balance living a healthy lifestyle with the great taste and texture of an authentic, creamy ice cream experience. Re:THINK has 1/2 the calories and fat and twice the protein of traditional ice cream. Plus, it has 2/3 less sugar and carbs making it Keto friendly and it’s certified low-glycemic. It’s sweetened with organic agave (no artificial sugar or sugar alcohol); it’s gluten-free; and it contains prebiotic fiber for a healthy gut and green tea extract for extra antioxidants. Try Almond Asteroid, Chocolate Orange with Almond Butter, Chocolate Majesty, and Mint with Chocolate Flakes.