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Shaft’s Cheese: Singing the Bleus

California’s 49ers would have been quite surprised to see what Jack Gibson did with an old abandoned gold mine in Cedar Ridge near Grass Valley. Working in the dairy industry for several years, Jack realized that there might be a market for high quality, aged bleu cheese, so in 1999, Jack and his partners began the transformation of an old Sierra Nevada gold mine into the ideal aging environment for one of the nation’s finest bleu cheeses.

Shaft’s Cheese is aged for a minimum of 12 months, during which time it develops its signature creamy rich texture, robust flavor, and smooth sweet finish.  Try Shaft’s Bleu Vein Cheese on a cracker, atop your favorite salad, or just by itself.

Another popular cheese from Shaft’s is their Serendipity, a magnificent merger of Shaft’s Bleu Cheese and Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar. Layered like a birthday cake, this cheese is beautiful on a cheese board. Try it for yourself and see why Serendipity is the perfect cheese for entertaining.

You will find both Shaft’s Bleu Cheese and Serendipity in the cheese case at Newcastle Produce along with an inviting selection of other fine cheeses.


Thank you to all of you who have continued to support us throughout this pandemic and thank you for wearing masks and social distancing when shopping with us. We continue to follow Placer County guidelines. Outdoor tables are open and we are excited to be able to open indoor dining at 25% capacity. Our Build Your Own Sandwich and Salad Bar will reopen soon with modified selections which will expand as we are able to support the extra labor and ingredients involved in maintaining it.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy this beautiful Spring!