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French Toast:

Your favorite sourdough bread

3 eggs

1 cup milk

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1 tsp. almond extract


1 1/2 cups pecans, toasted

4 Tbsp. melted butter

6 oz. fresh blueberries

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

Slice sourdough bread into 1 inch slices and cover the bottom of a buttered 9×13 baking dish.

Combine eggs, milk, brown sugar, nutmeg, and almond extract and pour over bread.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Before baking, toss toasted pecans with 1 Tbsp. melted butter.

Top bread with nuts and berries.

Mix 3 Tbsp. melted butter with brown sugar, salt, and nutmeg. Drizzle over all.

Bake, uncovered, at 400° for 20-25 minutes.

Serve with maple syrup.