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In my family, farming is a passion. My dad, grandfather, great grandfather, and great, great grandfather all farmed in Placer County, and they were proud of the produce they sent to market.

We opened Newcastle Produce to share our passion and pride for farming with you. We strive to be your best source for locally grown, farm fresh produce, specialty foods, gourmet meals to go, and more.

We invite you to visit our store and taste the difference!




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  • Who’s Ready for Mandarins? - MANDARINS ANYONE? Everyone wants to know, “When will the mandarins be ready?” Well, wait no longer. The mandarins are here! So easy to peel, sweet, seedless, and good for you, too—what’s not to like about a mandarin? All the mandarins that we sell at Newcastle Produce are Placer Grown, tree-ripened and hand-picked.  Like all citrus, […]



    The Baker Man at Wackym’s Kitchen has been sharing sweetness and cookie love at  farmers’ markets in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the last 10 years. His crispy cookies are all made from real butter, pure cane sugar, and unbleached flour, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Try the Flavor of the Season, Snickerdoodle, with cinnamon and spice; Mocha Chocolate Chip is a coffee break in a cookie; Ginger Orange are great served with brie or a cup of tea; Lemon Cookies have a fresh “lemon straight off the tree” taste; Lemon Lavender Shortbread is very buttery; Salted Caramel is the most popular; Cherry Oat Walnut is Gluten-free ; and Eggnog Cookies are holiday only. “Life is sweet. Eat great treats!”



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Our deli is now making sandwiches and salads to order, and you can order your custom items online!
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