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Come sip and snack on the go or with community at your friendly LOCAL cafe.

roasted fresh weekly


We serve Valiant Coffee with pride in all our espresso drinks and drip coffee. Valiant is a local roaster based in Loomis, CA. Their beans are roasted fresh every week, guaranteeing excellent quality and taste. The owners of Valiant have a genuine passion for their craft, which is evident in their amazing coffee that we're thrilled to offer to our customers. To complement our coffee, we use organic and humane-certified Clover milk products from Sonoma. We also have California Oat and Almond milk alternatives available. Join us for a daily sip of local goodness!


Teas and specialty beverages

Discover a wide variety of tea options sourced from Republic of Tea in Larkspur, CA. Whether you prefer hot herbal teas or refreshing iced teas, we have just what you're looking for. Enjoy a specialty drink like our freshly squeezed lemonade or an Alrnold Palmer. If you're craving something fresh and tasty, we've got you covered!

Made with love


Our bakery is run with creativity and a passion to please our customers. On top of our variety of baked good and pastries, we are known locally for our scones, which our bakers reinvent regularly. We keep the case filled with the classics but also continuously work to incorporate seasonal ingredients into our pastries for a fun revolving menu. Emphasizing diet inclusivity, we proudly offer gluten and dairy-free options, making sure everyone can enjoy something from the bakery making sure there is something delicious for everyone!

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