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Our History

By Jan Thompson, owner, Newcastle Produce

In my family, farming is a passion. My great, great grandfather farmed in Placer County, and we continue his tradition today, 150 years later.

My grandfather, Harold Leak, was 19 years old when he bought 40 acres in rural Placer County and planted fruit trees. Fifteen years later he bought another 350 acres on the American River and planted more fruit trees. He loved his chosen lifestyle; he loved his ranches; and he was very proud of the juicy, sweet, tree-ripened peaches he sent to market every summer.

history008In 1939, he captured the daily activities of the “River Ranch” on 16mm movie film. Photos from this “Farm Family Album” hang on our store walls. My daughter Karen painted the mural which adorns the back wall of our store. (It is based on an old family photograph from when I was child.)

“Boppop” passed his love of farming on to his son and grandchildren and today we are still farming. Although the “River Ranch” lies under the waters of Folsom Lake, the “H. P. Leak Ranch” in Loomis and my great-grandfather’s old “Fieser Ranch” are now the home of our own “Twin Brooks Farm.”

history001We, too, are passionate about farming and committed to producing fruits and vegetables with that old-fashioned flavor and sweetness that my ancestors knew. We are committed to sustainable farming practices that keep our soils and crops healthy, and we are committed to supporting other local small farms whose goals are similar to our own.

Taste the difference!